- interdisciplinary visual artist - UW Seattle - tech enthusiast, maker, engineering educator

Hi! I am a fourth year Interdisciplinary Visual Arts student at the University of Washington. I am currently involved in a wide arrangement of communities on campus ranging from Asian-American interest groups, professional Design Fraternity Alpha Theta Delta, as well as leading labs and lectures as an Engineering Design Coach for the College of Engineering. 
I don't mind getting my boots a lil' dirty on diverse build projects involving woodworking and electronics for cars, high performance audio systems, and all things DIY. I've co-authored publications, recognized by the American Society of Engineering Education, focusing on student agency in active learning. You can read that in depth here!
Artist Statement
My art making practice is conceptually expressionistic and human centered - spanning the disciplines of digital graphics, video, and sculptural forms utilizing contemporary technologies. I take a view on thoughts of expression; focusing on the feeling of entrapment, of individualism, and of breaking into another means of oneself.
My involvement in the arts began last spring, and as time has progressed, my experience with different mediums engaged me in a passionate tussle of learning to manipulate these new mediums. My vision as an artist is to contest one’s inner thoughts, and to challenge not only myself, but those who have viewed my work. Although my works have a strong foundation in planning and thought, my execution revolves around the - thus the planned input of ideas and conjecture results in the expression of the everyday.
ready, set, go!
Thank you!
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